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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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broncos! >> a super big win. and denver is fired up. man, can't even believe it. it is the greatest day. happy monday, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm kyle dyer, here with tarhonda thomas. exciting day. after a really great night. fans exploded into the streets of downtown denver. good newt news for law enforcement. it was a peaceful situation. a rowdy one but peaceful. here is noel brennan. >> reporter: broncos fans took to the streets last night in celebration of the super bowl- 50 win. market street at 20th was shut down, as fans just crowded that intersection. the sounds of cheering fans and honking car horns, just filled the air downtown. here is a look at what the scene was like near market and 20th last night. fans just jumping up and down in celebration. and there was even a proposal, right in the middle of the crowd, tough to tell, but it looks like she said yes. after the win, fans drove up and down federal boulevard, in
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people honked their horns, and waved flags, and that cheering drew a huge crowd from the neighborhood. people watched from the corner of federal and spear, just to take in that super bowl win. >> it is awesome to see this much spirit in the city. >> i love denver. broncos, number one for sure. >> denver police took to twitter last night thanking the thousands of fans for celebrating peacefully. only 12 arrests were made last night. and there were no major injuries reported in the celebration. in denver, noel brennan, 9 news. >> all right. broncos fans, had a good time. and they say defense wins championships, and broncos definitely proved that last night, drew litton, the cartoonist came up with perfect illustrations. poor cam, uh-oh. you can check out the drawing on for the offense, peyton manning got a big bonus for the big win. in addition to his $15 million salary, an extra $2 million for reaching the super bowl and another $2 million for winning
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with his family, right? >> wow. >> so a lot of people are wondering, will manning retire on a high note? one person who really hopes he will hang up his cleats for good is his mom. she told the l.a. times, i would like for peyton to retire. and here is what he said during a live interview this morning. >> just heard that i have always listened to my mother. i have to say that. that is the first i heard of it. i have not discussed it with anybody. ashley and i have fot really talked about. it i will have certainly have some long talks with her about it. i will certainly pray about it to the big man upstairs. like i said, i had have a real peace it will work out the way it is supposed to work out. >> matt lauer tried one more time saying he and a couple of his buddies were going golfing next december on a sunday and did peyton want to come and he said there could be a bye week in december so maybe that would be possible. >> could be. >> uh-huh. >> or he could be free.
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>> and the "today" show anchor said he hadn't gotten any sleep with the interview this morning. too much excitement. >> and the other side, cam newton was not in a good mood during the post game press conference. >> better, more plays than us. and that's what it come down to. i mean we had our opportunities. there wasn't nothing special that they did. we dropped balls. we turned the ball over. gave up sacks. that's it. us. >> a visibly abrupt newton abruptly got up and left right in the middle of the press conference. >> that is bad sportsmanship. >> and peyton manning has been in that same boat a couple of years when we lost to the seahawks and he was very gracious and graceful and conlt complimented the other team. to say they didn't do anything special, the broncos didn't do anything special, those stats were something special. >> you got to hold your head up high. he is better than that and i
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>> he will learn. this is exciting to hear about the team coming back. >> the broncos will land at d.i.a., in 3 1/2 hours at 3:30. exciting homecoming. 99 news will cover the arrival -- 9 news will cover the arrival live on channel 9 and i have never seen so many orange jerseys in the airport it was great. the computers too. home. beautiful in california, too. blue skies over denver. some clouds. and it is not that bad temperature-wise. the sun is out. so it is warming up. and even warmer tomorrow, right? for the parade. >> belen deleon is here with the forecast. and it seems like it was meant to be. the perfect weather. the super bowl win. it is all coming together. >> compared to last tuesday, right. >> big difference from last tuesday. and in fact for the next several day, the weather is just shaping up absolutely wonderful. for the parade. for anything else that we have to do for the rest of this workweek. let's take a look at the
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because we have already got 44 degrees in the metro area. and 39 at d.i.a. chilly in northern colorado. we are still stuck in the low 30s. and then closer to the foothills, that combination of 40s and 30s. and the highs for today, going to be really lose to the normal high. we should be around 45 degrees this time of the year and we will see lots of 40s along the i-25 corridor. and along the i-70 stretch into the high country. now, the winds, although a little gusty, closer to the foothills, you know, this is an improvement upon what we had yesterday at this time. with gusts up to 50 miles per hour. winds on the plains have also relaxed. the winds not as strong as what we saw just 24 hours ago. and radar, and satellite showing some high clouds moving in from the north. and you know what? we have the freezing rain and the snow, and as we look at the rest of the day, we will have some high clouds, with the clear conditions, taking us into this evening where the temperatures get a little bit cooler. and over the city right now, mile high city is celebrating. due need to worry about the shovels.
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about the shovels. keep them in the garage. we will see the temperatures warm up. and then by the i of -- by the end of the week, a limb bit of a cooldown. a little bit of a speed bump in the extended forecast. and we will cover that in a few. >> thank you. an overturned semi trailer is causing big problems along i- 25 near loveland right now. emergency responders arrived about an hour ago. the semi trailer is blocking all of the northbound lanes, north of the u.s. highway 34 exit. northbound drivers should take alternate routes. i-25 traffic south of that crash has slowed pretty much to a crawl. so they are going to have big delays throughout the afternoon. >> that is major. a high-ranking senate democrat is taking a look at links between drug companies and government advisors. those advisors criticized efforts to reduce the prescribing of pain killers. senator ron winen says he has a number of concerns about how the panelists were selected to the advisory group.
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story found out nearly a third of the panelists at a december meeting had apparent financial ties to the makers of pain killers including the company that makes oxycodone. three people were hurt in this hit-and-run crash at kentucky and sheridan in denver. debris from the accident spread out over a half block. denver officers found a license plate on the scene from the car that drove away. they are currently looking for a gold acura, and will is the license plate that was -- there is the license plate that was on the acura. broncos plate 728nqd. if you know anything, please call the police. police have arrested two people in connection to a fatal shooting friday morning. 51-year-old cody kneelingson was arrested for first-degree murder and hoe hibberted use of the weapon and 31-year-old naya was accessory to the murder. both nelson and naya were transported to the boulder county jail. the boulder county sheriff's office detectives and the district attorney's office are
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police say a 31-year-old man, andrew duncan, was shot several times, on north broadway, and he died a short time later. authorities have managed to rescue now more than 170 people, including at least four people today, after a powerful earthquake in taiwan over the weekend. 38 people were killed in a 17 story building. it collapsed and most of the people killed were inside the building. a glimmer of hope. this is ha we can look at. -- this is what we can look at. an 8-year-old girl trapped for more than 61 hours, brought out and she is alive. >> incredible. >> alive. >> incredible. to be days in the rubble. >> i saw that over the weekend. it makes me so sad. you're so helpless. >> nothing can do. she will be okay. if you're thinking about chipotle for lunch today, you got to think again. because all of the restaurants around here are closed. >> wow. >> and it is an age-old story. reimagined for the live stage.
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wizard of oz, on our set, live. ahead. >> first, though, put the shovel away. you don't need it. warm weather and clear skies ahead. we've got that story coming up.
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boy is it a happy monday, right? after a broncos win last night. and you know, it is just beautiful out there because of the weather. we have the sunshining over broncos country. and we started off february pretty darn snowy. in fact, here is a look at how much snow we have seen so far.
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and so far, already surpassing our monthly average of 7.7. and we still got all of february to go. today, though. beautiful over the city. a few high clouds, but mostly blue. that is what we are seeing over our heads right now. now the temperatures are still on the cool side. we have 39 out at d.i.a. here in the backyard, our 38 degrees. the state. starting off with our friends in northern colorado. fort collins at 4. and greeley, 28. and eastern plains, the temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. and in the high country, we have a mix of 30s and 20s. and then in some spots, still very chilly, like the mountain valleys. with the temperatures currently in the teens. 30s in the forecast. mainly for the high country. and a little bit warmer, 42 in these areas here and the eastern plains. the normal high here in the city, it is about 45 degrees. at or above that for today. doppler 9 is not showing a thing across the state. no rain. no snow. and the next 24 hours pretty dry.
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to, you should be okay. and no snow-packed roads. this evening, skies are mainly clear. tomorrow morning, waking up to mostly sunny skies. temperatures for tonight, dropping to 26 degrees. very quiet forecast for us. i don't mind. the skies will be partly cloudy. and the lows across the state, mountain valleys again, the temperatures drop to below zero. with 20s and teens, in the forecast for lower elevations. and now, in our jet stream pattern, what this is, it is just the storm track that is going to take enunsettled weather, over -- any unsettled weather over the western half of the united states and that means we will have high pressure building in, and taking over for the forecast for the next several days and that is reflected in the warmer and drier weather patterns that will settle in. tomorrow, the high is 57. and wednesday, aye, aye, aye, 65 degrees. and a double take on that one. a warm middle of the week. thursday, 63. and friday, 54. and then saturday, a high of 59. tomorrow, it is the big broncos
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up at the end of the show.
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i want those shoes. to establish who is number one from the east to the west. >> that is the wicked witch, wanting those shoes. it is a new production of an old favorite. the wizard of oz.
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it has been reimagined for the stage. it has the stocks we know and this one and other -- songs that we know and this one and to everybody. sara lasco is dorothy of the production. she joins us now and you're not from kansas, you're from college. today. and that you're here all week. night. during super bowl. >> yes. >> and people were there, and loved it. >> yes. >> full house. i didn't know if anyone would show up. and at intermission, someone yelled the broncos won and everyone started cheering. >> the best of both worlds. >> that is great. >> how is this different from the wizard of oz that all of us watched as a movie and saw when we were little kids? >> four new songs written by andrew lloyd weber and tim rice. and the wizard, the wicked witch, there are songs now, because they weren't in the movie.
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new moments for them for new insight into the characters. >> and hearing the two names back together on this production, it makes me so excited to see it. >> people are really enjoying the new stuff. but i think everyone shows up for the show and wants to see what they saw from their childhood. they want that nostalgia. rainbow, right? >> yes. >> and this is something you always wanted to be dorothy? >> it is a dream. i have loved the character from the time i was very little. i get to fulfill every girl's dream and seeing little girls in the audience dressed up as dorothy. >> so cute. >> adorable. >> and those ruby slippers, are they that comfortable? >> they are very comfortable. >> and i am going to be in heels, they are so comfortable. and they are hand swarovski crystals. >> get out. >> no wonder why the wicked witch wants those, right? >> yes. >> and we have a great family night coming up. and people have a chance to really like get into it on family night. >> yes. so there will be activities for
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adoption available so people, or animal adoption, dogs and cats and people can come and maybe look into a new toto. >> yes. >> and emerald city makeover. kyle, sign me up for that. >> and this video, the costumes and the green of emerald city, it is a pretty good production visually. >> wow. >> and when the gates of emerald city fly up, and you know, the characters see emerald city for the first time, it is a wow factor for the audience, too. >> wow. >> you look so amazing and happy there. >> thank you. >> it is wonderful. >> it is a lot of fun. and it is really funny and the audience loves it. i love listening to the audience laugh and experience the journey. >> good. >> we want people to see this. so let's give them the information, wizard of oz february 7-13, denver city for the performing arts buell center. tickets at denver thank you so much for being here.
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in your money news today, chipotle for lunch is close. all restaurants are closed nationwide right now for a companywide meeting on food safety, following outbreaks of noro virus and e. coli that resulted in hundreds of people getting sick. employees and customers may finally hear how the outbreaks occurred at the restaurants. if you would like, you can loggen in and listen to the meeting via twitter and periscope. and if you are wanting a burrito for dinner tonight, they will reopen at 3:00 this afternoon. >> glad they're having the meeting though. >> yes. and what is real, proof of the broncos super bowl championship status is printed all over hats and hoodies. dick's sporting goods had people waiting at the door when they opened at 6:00 this morning. if they didn't come last night. and all morning long, we saw a steady stream of excited fans. >> i'm so excited about the broncos. the winners. yes.
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long. it was bad. it was bad. but great win. >> i am going back to town. i live in sedalia and showing off. >> and arms full of broncos gear to show off. >> the quickest item to sell out is hoodies, by the time i left they were gone. and von miller jerseys were gone last night. and the manager says they are in the process of reordering everything, not one specific item but fill up the whole store again because everything is flying off the shelves. >> and adult and kid sizes, too. >> more kid sizes than adults. that video you saw, was before they opened, so the shelves don't look like that anymore. but they had way more kids stuff than jerseys, heardly any adult jerseys left and definitely not von miller or peyton manning. and not only did denver beat carolina in the big game last night but denver won the charity bowl 50. the online fundraising campaign between denver catholic charities and charlotte
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and you can see the denver catholic charities 16,890 in the week leading up to the super bowl is what they raised. when the game was over, charlotte catholic charities raised a little less than denver at $14,333. now, neither city met the lofty embole of $50,000 in one week but it was a great showing of generosity and with the money, the two agencies will
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the super bowl victory parade, is happening tomorrow at noon. so follow the broncos. it starts at union station. down 17th. to broadway. then south on bradway. and west on 13th. the parade will end at the city and county building. and that is where they will have a broncos rally, right there at 1:00. i would say go to the parade route and maybe before the beginning -- toward the beginning and meet them during the rally. >> the weather will be awesome. >> let's get to the forecast. because around noon, in the downtown area, temperatures are
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and then it is going to keep warming up after that. until about 57 degrees around 2:00. plenty of sunshine. i think we will see lots of people in the short sleeve shirts possibly and sporting new broncos jerseys. >> my husband was actually out there after the game, with his super bowl gear. >> yes. >> he had a hoody and hat. and what did you get for me? oh, sorry, baby. >> really? >> you have lots of orange. >> well, congratulations to the broncos. what better gift on a monday than a super bowl championship.
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